Where Are the Prophets?

Biblical prophetic ministry is in dire need today in America.  Not that I am dismissing the larger global context, but as an American–an African-America to be more specific–I should deal with the garbage in my own yard before I go sniffing elsewhere. With the steady attention on race relations and President Trump’s activities, lines are drawn in the sand with jagged little sticks dipped in … Continue reading Where Are the Prophets?

Kent Shaffer and the Refuge

I had planned to post a piece on John’s prologue and the missional Messiah but Kent Shaffer over at churchrelevance.com body slammed me with this confession: “Stuff was holding us back in a variety of ways from being agile and ministering more biblically. And the comfortable suburban, Evangelical lifestyle was desensitizing me from living out the gospel as I knew I should yet never did. … Continue reading Kent Shaffer and the Refuge

Church Discipline in the American Church?

Over the next few weeks, this blog will discuss the pimpery that takes place in many a pulpit across America.  With so many scandals (TBN, Eddie Long, Jack Schaap, etc) emerging, I’m wondering where the oversight is in the body of Christ.  As much as pastors like to complain (and justifiably a number of times) about people who attack their ministries and methodology, there are … Continue reading Church Discipline in the American Church?

Isaiah 61 and the Missional God in Action

That Jesus quoted this in Luke 4:18-19 and then claimed to be the fulfillment of that scripture later is a portent of His ministry and of the Church’s. Among the activities Isaiah 61 shares: Anointed by the Spirit to proclaim the good news to the poor Bind up the brokenhearted Proclaim freedom for the captives Release prisoners from the darkness Proclaim the year of the … Continue reading Isaiah 61 and the Missional God in Action

The “As-You-Go” God

Random Thoughts about God’s Provision for Your Ministry Your God-ordained ministry is God’s idea, not yours Consequently, God is responsible for funding or resourcing His ministry through you Remember Abraham. God told Abram (Abraham) to get up and go and THEN He would show him where to go and what to do. We are encouraged to pray for “daily bread” in the Model Prayer (Matt. … Continue reading The “As-You-Go” God