Do black folk care anything about emerging church?

i thought i was the only numbnut who noticed the missing black voice from the emergent discussion…not that african-american christians aint concerned about the current state of the church but i am beginning to feel like the emergent movement is nothing more than a family disagreement in the household of white evangelicalism….i’m rather bookish when it comes to anything about church life and spiritual formation so i have no choice but to be conversant in things emergent…but it seems to me that the emergent community aint got jack to say to the hip hop generation that includes the likes of a kirk franklin or a tonex (if you dont know who these cats are, then that proves my point, lol)…stay tuned… 


2 thoughts on “Do black folk care anything about emerging church?

  1. Wow, its 2006 and I am just now commenting about this 🙂

    First of all, I am black, and I am very much in engaged in the “emerging” conversation. But it does bother me that when it comes to black christians at large, no-one is listening…. or is it that no one is talking? I dunno.

    I am hoping for better things in the future. But there is a lot to be said on this issue. I am also personally trying to make a difference and bring this conversation to the black community, and hopefully bring a more fulfilling and deeper expression of what it means to be “church”

    Thanks for noticing!

  2. Wow its 2009 and iam just commenting on this.Lol.
    Interesting blog. I do agree with you further more The Bible should remain the acid test for every lying and deceptive spirit and new fad that spring up in christian circles…..please feel free to visit my blog. Leave a comment, cast a stone or draw a line in the sand.

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