For Men Only

For those men concerned about the “feminization” of the church…

Be Careful What You Ask For

There has been a great deal of lamenting as of late about the feminization of the Church. That is, a great deal of church activity is geared toward women and not men and that as a result, men are bored with church.

If this is the case, then the male leaders who have been crying the last 2,000 years about women not being meant to minister in certain church positions have no one to blame but themselves.

When you tell women, sirs, that they cannot enter the pulpit or cannot teach Sunday school classes, you force them into other auxiliaries and ministries of the church. But with all those women in those aforementioned slots, it would only make sense that the ministries would become “woman-focused.? LOL!

If men are sitting at home, why haven’t the strong male leaders in churches taken the time to personally challenge these men to come to church and lead their families by example? Do you expect the wives to arouse the bored men from their slumber?

You cannot blame the feminist movement for the feminization of the church without dealing with the misogynistic foolishness that painted women into a corner of the church that makes you feel more comfortable. Women are simply blossoming in the theological and hermeneutical corner they have been painted into for centuries.

Perhaps if women were allowed to exercise the gifts God gave them, they would blossom there as well and be used by God even more to edify the universal body of Christ.

Stay away saints from the Gen-X generation are often chided as selfish when they supposedly whine about the church not meeting “their? needs. But I wonder if the same argument could be made for those men who use boredom as an excuse to disobey God and dishonor their families by golfing over worshipping.

Turning every song into a war cry is NOT the answer to drawing men. Preaching the Cross of Christ is. Preaching about the Jesus who is the PERFECT model for godly men is the answer. Mature men of God taking the time to disciples other men is the answer.

Women would fall all over themselves for Christian men who choose to model themselves not after some proto-man offered in a Christian self-help book but rather off of the Lord Jesus Christ, who:

  • Walked in integrity
  • Demonstrated a strength beyond belief by enduring what he suffered
  • Walked in self-control in his relationships with others
  • Cried in front of other men
  • Knew how to demonstrate tenderness towards a child without being a pansy about it
  • Honored the women he ministered to by reminding them of how He, God , saw them
  • Challenged leaders to follow the Father with truth and integrity
  • Laid down his life for humanity
  • Loved furiously, notoriously, and unapologetically

This is the kind of man my Christian brothers need to model themselves after. Let God shape us sistas as He wills. He is the Maker of us all.

Peace out


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