Oh Shut Up!

Every now and again, I feel like throwing a book at the television everytime some self-appoint overeducated, seminary-trained know-it-all tries to explain why every tragedy under the sun happen. Some scholars were clear: God sent the tsunami to judge all the evil done to Christian missionaries.

I don’t want to devalue or downplay the wrath of God against sin. That is a biblical reality. I suppose what pisses me off the most is that those who supports this have little to say when drama comes knocking on America’s door. I am firmly convinced that some Christians believe that as long as America supports Israeli political policies, no harm can come to us. This erroneous and ridiculous view is based on a twisting of God’s promise to Abraham (cf Gen 12:1-3). We must as Christians pray for Israel but that does not excuse our own national sins.

So if you take the view that the tsunami was judgment on evil, then Katrina is the second sorrow for America. If God is a just God (and he is of course), then judgment is on our shores. So long as we worship the Presidential Seal or political power as a means of gaining power for ourselves, God will absolutely judge the Church of Jesus Christ before the whole world. So long as we preach Jesus like he is a prostitute who gives us what we want when we want it, that foolishness might attract crowds but in the eyes of God, ICHABOD is written over the doors of that church.

So we need to shut up and look in the mirror and allow the Holy Spirit to search us and try us. Then maybe we won’t have so much free time on our hands to point the paternalistic finger at other folks when tragedy strikes.



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