Bad Root, Bad Fruit

Watching the drama of the Bush Regime play out on FOX and other pro-BR news outlets has become quite nauseating over the last several years.  But even more difficult to watch is the way the a number of conservative evangelicals (with whom I would probably be lumped with because of my conservative theology in regard to the essentials of the Christian faith) have cast their lots at the feet of President Bush.

It would appear that for conservatives like James Dobson and Pat Robertson, the prophetic day of political redemption has come thanks to the GOP (not GOD) Messiah George W. Bush.  After several years of suffering under the liberal administration of a whoremonger like Bill Clinton, the day for some conservative Christian leaders was supposed to have come with the Second Coming of Bush (Jr. in this case).  He would be the moral compass for the nation that God desired.  He would right all the wrongs the liberal Clinton administration had allegedly committed.

Good grief.

 I actually remember thinking after the conservative Supreme Court gave Bush Jr. the presidency in 2000, “Ok, right-wingers.  You have control of the White House, control of Congress, and control of the media (um, FOX).  Let’s see how you will use your power?

After five years of the Bush regime, I can say without a doubt that this administration is one of the most crooked and perverse lots I have ever seen in American politics.  Let’s see:

  • The Election.  A shady election Bush didn’t win but rather got handed to him by a conservative Supreme Court (sorry, but I thought they were too liberal?)
  • Saddam, Saddam, everywhere.  An obsession with Saddam Hussein just because Daddy didn’t take him out under his [Bush I] watch
  • The Illegal War.  Iraqi conflict built on lies and horrific intelligence.  Worse part is they knew it was a lie and proceeded anyway.  But linking WMD to Iraq and then tying both to Osama Bin Ladin was simply too irresistable for this neocon regime.  And how many lives of my fellow brothers and sisters have been lost, not to mention Iraqi citizens?
  • The leaking of Valerie Plame’s name to the media.  Pat Robertson can cry about the “liberals? making a mountain out of a molehill but the fact remains that if an [S] is listed by anything in goverment documents, it is to be considered classified information and is not to be leaked to your media buddies.  Have the fundamentalists in the Church become so intoxicated with promises for political power that their collective minds have forgotten the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ about no one being able to serve TWO MASTERS?
  • Katrina.  Do I need to say anything else?  How come we mobilize funds for illegal “wars? and for citizens of other nations better than we do our own citizens?  How come some of my friends in New Orleans are crying to me that there are STILL DEAD BODIES in homes and that the government has abandoned them.  That fashion-conscious incompetent Michael Brown, ex-FEMA head, should not have been the only one to lose his job.

It is no wonder that Bush finally ordered his people to go through ethics training seminars.  Now forgive me but wouldn’t the Evangelical Political Messiah already KNOW the ins and outs of ethics, considering that God handpicked him and all. 

Jesus said that we would know a tree by its fruit and the fruit this administration is bearing is rotten.

Perhaps that is why when Jesus speaks so much about the kingdom, He does so without regard for political parties. 

Whenever anyone wraps the flag around the Cross of Christ and then spends more time exegeting the Constitution and not Scripture, you have a Christian who has his or her priorities out of kilter.

Rhetoric is not what is needed from the White House and from Capitol Hill.  Repentance is what God desires.  And you can’t swiftboat Jesus, friend.

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