“SHUT UP!” Winner for the Week Ending December 3, 2005

Perusing the airwaves and news this past week has certainly given us our fair share of idiot comments. It would be far too easy to pick on President Bush for trying to ram the idea that our troops still need to be in harms way in Iraq. It would also be too easy to pick on Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for using a blog to trash the likes of Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith (TNT) for calling out his team’s lack of defense and rebounding (sorry, Mark, truth hurts). But this weeks winner has shown himself to be head and shoulders above anyone else when it comes to blatant stupidity, toxic rhetoric meant to be as divisive and insidious as the network he represent.

In breathtakingly stupid fashion, our winner decried the fact that the liberals were taking Christmas away from us Bible-believing Christians who celebrate the holiday as a way to commerate the birth of the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. In a rant, our winner stated on his program:

What’s happened is frightening. A legal assault by the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union] combined with the media that blatantly promotes secularism has succeeded in convincing some Americans that the words ‘Merry Christmas’ are inappropriate while celebrating the national holiday of Christmas.

This, of course, is nuts. Anyone offended by the words ‘Merry Christmas’ has problems not even St. Nicholas could solve.

Every company in America should be on its knees thanking Jesus for being born. Without Christmas, most American businesses would be far less profitable; more than enough reason for businesses to be screaming Merry Christmas.

This winner complains that the words “Merry Christmas” is under attack by secularists who want to silence us Christians. Of course, while he was championing the economic prowess of the Lord Jesus Christ (hey, His death on the Cross for our sins means nothing here), his own boss FOX was busy promoting their holiday ornaments on their website. Now isn’t that a strange thing? Coinkidink? Hardly. Hypocrisy? Bingo.

But that was not enough. Then our winner opened his piehole again, decrying the smear tactics of the liberal media while hosting the like of Ann Coulter, who placed the public information of actress and author Lydia Cornell (“Too Close for Comfort”) on her website simply because Cornell criticized her and asked her about her Christian faith in light of the vitriolic things she says about people she [Coulter] does not like (story).

No wonder MSNBC’s Keith Olberman named him “World’s Worst Person.” Enough already. Bill O’Reilly, SHUT UP!

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