I am in the middle of a major ministry transition. Right now, I am getting used the Los Angeles area and getting acclimated to my new base.

Part of me wonders what in the world goes through God’s mind when He comes up with the “plans” to move us to and fro but ultimately, God is in control.

The biggest struggle has probably been homesickness. Yep. I can’t believe it but being far away from both family AND friends has been a little tough. But I’m a few blocks away from Sunset Blvd. and a Starbucks so all is well in the world.

This is a place in life where God is literally going to have to rain down lots of $$$ in order for me to do what I need to do. I’m used to working and making my own way but depending on God for toilet paper will be a way of life for a while.

One of the kids today already asked me if I was going to be his new teacher and if so, was I strict. “You’ll find out,” I replied, to which he smiled.

God, what have You gotten me into this time? 😆

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