Suggested Reading

Not that I’m a terminal cynic but I just started reading a really good book called When Bad Christians Happen to Good People (2002) by ESPN sports producer Dave Burchett. I really wish I had this book lying around a few years ago but it hits upon just about everything that started to bug me about church “culture.”

Some venerable statesmen and stateswomen of the faith cringe at the thought of anyone critiquing the Church but frankly, if it were not for such brave souls, I doubt that there ever would have been a Protestant Reformation in the 16th century.

So far, one of my favorite insights by Burchett, who pulls absolutely NO punches on the bullcrap floating around in the local church is the empahsis on physical appearance (facial hair on men, makeup and jewelry on women) and the acceptance of gluttony (which God DEFINITELY calls sin in Scripture) but the loud rejection of sexual sin and the like.

Since I know I’m a hypocrite on certain issues, I really suggest the book for every Christian who thinks he or she has it ALL together. You will find out pretty quickly that you don’t.

Everytime I decry the sin of homosexuality while staring way too long at Shamar Moore or Brad Pitt, that friend is called hypocrisy. My heterosexual oriented lust stinks as much in the nostrils of God as anything else.

It hurts to stare at my reflection in the mirror of God’s Word.

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