See What Happens When Our Prayers Are Answered?

When George W. Bush and Al Gore were campaigning for the presidency, I remembering hearing all the of the religious right-wing pundits talk about the glory of having an evangelical president in office and how God would use him (because women in leadership is still an issue for some) to bring revival to our nation. This was the moment they had prayed for after living in utter oppression under a demon-ridden Clinto administration.

I for one was never comfortable with Al “I Invented the Internet” Gore or his flaky advisors. To me, he was weak and not the strategist that even Bill Clinton was. In addition, I honsetly was not in the mood for anymore “700 Club” exposes on the liberal White House propaganda and was curious to see what they would do with a GOP White House and a GOP-controlled Congress.

If the country went to hell, blame the Republicans, not the Democrats and rugged independants like myself.

And so far, this administration has shown itself to be as crooked as the Nixon crew was. Forget the Clintonian age of special investigations set off by a Reblican-controlled Congress.

We have an administration that has shredded the Constitution to bits and pieces in order to “fight terrorism” on our shores. If you voiced any opposition to the war in Iraq, according to a number of media reports, you could have found yourself on a list of “To Eavesdrop On” courtesy of your goverment.

With all that bravado and tough talk on showing Americans how an ethical administration is suppose to run, the Bush admin has failed miserably, telling lie after lie to cover their collective behinds.

But more disturbing to me is the trail of partisan excuses that come from conservative church leaders. The same leaders who claimed Clinton was not fit to lead because of his sexual immorality are the same bunch who cozied up to lobbyists for money and power (Ralph Reed, that’s you!). The same Christian leaders who spents airtime and print space bashing the hell out of Clinton for numerous ethical violations are the same leaders who have no problem with this administation breaking the very laws it was sworn to uphold when it gained power in 2000.

Pardon me, but wasn’t Nixon’s administration sunk for, in part, wiretapping?

Expecting Bush to be the political and spiritual messiah for the United States is not only unfair to him but to citizens as well. Revival will never start with politics; it’s starts when the Church fasts and prays to her Savior and Lord for cleansing of herself. It starts when we are more concerned with getting our clothes and hands dirty helping the very people we make policies to deal with.

Whether GOP or Democrat or even Independant, no political leader can ever do what Jesus Christ can do. Too bad some circles in the Church keep forgetting that.

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