Wilderness Ramblings

With so much of my time going to ministry and church, I’m always on the lookout for books that help sustain me during the dry seasons of my spiritual life. And boy am I in a wilderness time right now. Funny thing is, I wasn’t expecting to get into one after moving to Los Angeles. I thought it was the beginning of “my ministry” dreams.

But the big news here is that I’ve been in a wilderness since the summer of 2005 and I’m not sure when I’m getting out of here. There have been plenty of times when I complain about why the hell God would lead me into a wilderness when I feel like I’m finally on the edge of actually doing something for the kingdom.

Oh but silly girl. God is all about preparation and building patience and character. Character always needs shoring up but patience has never been my cup of green tea.

As for Los Angeles, I absolutely love the city. It’s pretty much what I expected except the homeless plight here is like nothing I have ever seen in my life. Washington D.C. can’t touch it. New York City doesn’t even come close. It’s a shame that in a city where so much wealth and privilege is available that so much poverty, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, and despair are running rampant elsewhere.

But the Church of Jesus in this city must mobilize their efforts to minister to the “least of these” that the kingdom of God would be glorified and the people would be served.


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