The Sinking of the Republic

I never thought I would see a time where I did not recognize my own country. Watching the Bush regime tell lie after lie in the name of justice and morality is unnerving. Listening to some well meaning Christians defend such behavior is downright grievious.

What it will take for this country to get back on track is beyond me right now. I’m too busy re-reading the Constitution of the United States of America to remind myself of the fact that no president or any other government official has the right to wire tap my phone calls without probable cause and a warrant.

All along King George II has claimed that the wire tapping allowed by the FISA courts were legal and only done on terrorist suspects. But that is simply not true. After listening to several people testify at a House forum on the matter yesterday (by the way, the GOP refused to allow the House to convene an official proceeding; hence, the name forum) I discovered that the Quakers had been wiretapped.

It appears that American citizens who protested against the war are being surveilled.

The misuse and abuse of power is unconscienable and inexcusable. No political party or single person should have absolute authority but apparently Bush II seems to forget that.

What is most sickening to me, however, is the brazen arrogance and hubris that the Republicans are demonstrating in the midst of the controversy.

Do they not understand that allowing their “boy” George to do as he pleases undermines the very Constitution he swore an oath to protect? Furthermore, do they not get the fact that allowing Bush to operate under the deception that he is the law of the land undermines their own authority?

It only takes one hole to sink a ship and the same can be said for our republic. The Constitutional issues at hand for the King George II and this nation cannot be ignored any longer. If we choose to hide behind party platforms that ignore the people, if we choose to allow President Bush to get a free pass on violating our civil liberties and Constitutional rights, then we deserve exactly what we get.

There are no more excuses for us. May God have his way in the hearts and minds of this administration and all those on Capitol Hill regardless of their political parties.


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