Odds and Ends

Sowing Seeds of Greed?

I intentionally posted nothing in regards to the Easter season: partly because of my hectic schedule and mostly because I had to wait until the “Resurrection Seed” preaching on pop Christian TV abated. For those of you not familiar with this latest prosperity theology teaching, the idea is that we sow money into the fertile of grown of a sound ministry (i.e. the ministry asking for your money) and then watch as God “resurrects” that seed with unbelievable blessings. This is tied into God’s “sowing” of Christ into the earth. Like our money seed, He died and is resurrected.

Now don’t get me wrong: I do not believe that seeking to be poor is anymore Christ-honoring than seeking riches to show God’s approval. My problem here is that the most powerful theological truth on which the Christian faith is grounded has been hijacked by pop Xtian TV preachers seeking to get their hands into my pockets.

Skid Row Harassment
I recently had an opportunity to listen to and pray for a woman who lives on Skid Row. She shared some harrowing tales of the taunts and harassment that the homeless and addicted face from the Los Angeles Police Department. I was appalled and honestly, what she told me didn’t surprise me because other folks who live there have told me the same thing. I have heard tales of the LAPD subjecting them to demeaning body cavity searches and even to throwing their clothing away. Even more pathetic is the taunts the woman alleged certain officers made regarding their addictions and troubles.

More on this in coming weeks but just today, the Supreme Court made it clear that the LAPD could NOT arrest persons for sleeping or standing on a sidewalk. They stated that it was tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment.

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