Folks are finally speaking up about the tragic mix of cheap sound-byte politicking and the Gospel being meshed into one unsavory dish of redemption-through-politicss message. Greg Boyd is one of the latest to enter the fray with his book The Myth of a Christian Nation and I couldn’t be happier. For the record, I am not an open theist and have some issues with theological points that Boyd makes regarding the foreknowledge of God. However, I won’t allow those differences to deafened me to the richness and legitimacy of his argument that the evangelical wing of the Church are being co-opted by ravenous political wolves who want to beef up their voting block.

I have no problem with Christians being involved in politics or speaking truth to powers on the issues of our day. Heck, if not for the Black church, I would probably still be drinking from “COLORED ONLY” water fountains and calling my white brothers and sisters “massah” and “mammy”. In addition, I’m not picking on the GOP. I actually agree with several of their platform planks on certain moral issues (gay marriage and abortion) but I prefer to bring a kingdom perspective rooted in the grace and truth of Jesus Christ to the table than an opinion or perspective filtered through and tamed by any political party.

A follower of Jesus Christ has the right to belong to which ever party he or she chooses. The real issue, however, is allowing the Word of God and the Lord of All (Jesus Christ) to be the baselines by which we deal with hot button issues. Furthermore, we really need to get a grip on other issues like poverty (of course, that’s hard to do if all you preach is prosperity without responsibility) to clearly demonstrate that God does not have a two-track mind.

Let Jesus Christ be Lord of your life alone and not your political allegiances.


One thought on “Controversy

  1. I hate how the church is being used by the George Bush strategists. Thanks for the best argument that the church still does belong in public policy: the water fountain.

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