The Inimitable Struggle to Be Original

I recently read an blog entry about a very well-knowm evangelical pastor who rebuked a younger pastor in the presence of ministers he felt might be tempted to “copy” the younger pastor. The struggle to be original is certainly nothing new. I cannot recall how many times in my preaching class during seminary that somebody got up to preach sounding like a poor man’s T.D. Jakes.

Of course, it does not help that you have much of Christian retail outlets giving you the subtle message that perhaps you CAN preach just like so-and-so or sing just like Flavor-of-the-Month.

The best way to be original, then, is to stop trying not to be. We are called to walk as Christ walked. That certainly doesn’t sound earth shattering.

And yet….

when a people commit themselves into the hand of the Almighty to walk as Jesus walked, live as He lived, love as He loved, minister as He ministered, this present darkness shrieks back in panic. And then, they draw near in spite of themselves, as if knowing that there is Someone at the bottom of all this they have always wanted and desired.

The world needs Jesus and the church is the body through whom the Savior chooses to proclaim the Good News.

We pastors and leaders do ourselves a great disservice when we try harder to sound like our mentors (however awesome examples they might be) than we do our Redeemer.

No more identity theft in the kingdom of God, please.

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