Power Shifts and Churchspeak

After watching the Republican Party do practically nothing the last several years to check the insanity coming from the White House, something had to give. And it gave BIG time last night as American voters went out in near-record numbers for an off-season election and handed over the House of Representatives to the Democrats. As I’m writing this now, the Senate is tied at 49 with Democrats owning an extremely narrow lead in Montana and Virginia.

What happened?



That sums up my disdain for the last Congress quite tidily.

For all those who championed “moral values” to appeal to conservative evangelicals like me, some of these same folks have governed in a way completely contradictory to the Christ we serve.

The White House LIED about intelligence and our reasons for going to Iraq.

The White House LIED about the Katrina recovery (or lack thereof) issues and tried to scapegoat an already weak leader in Michael Brown.

This Congress, including some weak-kneed Democrats, allowed them to do as they wished with little or no oversight.

They paid for it last night.

Now how will the Church respond? Too often, we look to the “system” to gauge the progress of the advancement of the kingdom. For some Christians, if Democrats are running things, these saints truly believe that Jesus will be pleased if we deal only with poverty issues while ignoring the slaughter of unborn children.

On the other side of the boat are other believers who honestly believe that Jesus only cares about gay “marriage” and abortion. When the GOP is in control, clearly God must be favoring the Church because He doesn’t love Democrats or their supporters.

My prayer is the authentic church (true saints and not nominal fakers) would use her voice to challenge our leaders—Democrats and Republicans—to lead justly, compassionately, for the good of the whole.

Will well-known outspoken Christian leaders who suck up to the GOP now be willing to obey Romans 13:1-4 over the Democrats or will they only pray that God raise up better Republicans?

2 thoughts on “Power Shifts and Churchspeak

  1. RegX,

    Didn’t even finish reading your post, but I wanted to correct something toward the top: the Valerie Plame incident has now been resolved, and it wasn’t revenge from the Bush administration.

    The resolution is that Richard Armitage admitted that he was the one who “outed” Plame. He is not/was not a Cheney henchman. You’ve got enough examples of things to be upset about that are current and true. You don’t need to include this one which has proven to not be associated with the Bush admin.

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