Anything for Power?

Ann Coulter has developed quite a reputation for her sharp wits, intelligence, and outspoken stand on her evangelical faith. Unfortunately, Ann Coulter is also known for her sometimes mean-spirited, less-than-Christlike jabs at political enemies. Recently, Coulter chose the recent CPAC convention, a meeting of conservatives and potential GOP presidential candidates, to insinuate that Democratic presidential contender John Edwards was, to quote her, a “faggot.”

That Coulter dropped this epithet is not shocking. She implied the same thing regarding Al Gore and Bill Clinton. What was shocking, however, was the laughter that filled the room when she made the comment. Forgive me but I thought family values and evangelical faith were some of the pillars of the Republican Party? What would Jesus do—or have done if He were in that room?

I applaud the conservatives and GOP folks who have called her out. I do not, however, applaud the one hundred or so newspapers who carry her column who have not chin-checked her for ridiculous statement.

Even worse, I am concerned that once again, some evangelicals are willing to put up with this kind of nonsense in order to keep the White House under GOP control. Coulter is no better and no less hateful toward the left than secular humanists are toward conservative evangelicals. Furthermore, do I really want to be associated with a fellow evangelical who drops the f*g-bomb word when I’m trying to show them the love of Christ?

See what happens when the Church sells its soul to any political party? We begin to judge right and wrong based not on the Word of God and character of Christ but on political expediency. So whether you are a Democrat or Republican or even a Greenie (Green Party), remember that your relationship with Jesus Christ, not your party’s platform, should guide everything you say, do, and think. Otherwise, we begin to look as foolish as the people we claim are so.


4 thoughts on “Anything for Power?

  1. Recommended reading on this issue:

    “Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction” by David Kuo

    “Blinded by Might: Why the Religious Right Can’t Save America” by Cal Thomas (now out of print, unfortunately)


  2. Louis, thanks so much not only for your encouraging comments but also for the suggested readings. I’ve been looking for the Cal Thomas book but since it’s out of print, that might explain why. I can’t believe it could be out of print that quickly.

    I will hunt for the Kuo book as well. I have no problem with us Christians speaking truth to power to those who hold political office. I only cringe when we ourselves grab for political power more than we do the power of God. That ain’t right.

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