Looking In All The Wrong Places

I have always wondered about the idea that a loving God and evil could not co-exist. While it is easy to take out our anguish on God for all the trouble in the world, we would do well to recognize that God has been and still is at work dealing with evil, most notably through the cross of Christ. N.T. Wright’s Evil and the Justice of God deals with this reality.

I believe the fundamental problem with dismissing the existence and justice of God is that is exposes a strange desire we have regarding our circumstances in relation to who God is. That is, we believe that if there was no evil and if everything in life is peachy-keen, then the idea of God is far more tenable. What that means, then, is that we want our circumstances redeemed, not our own souls.

But remember that it was humanity that fell and consequently everything in creation. The sun never failed to rise at the beckon of the Almighty. The waves did not resist the command of God to roll. We are the guilty ones. And we are the ones who need to be redeemed and set free from the pull and penalty of sin.

Redeemed circumstances have no power to deal with sin. We are still prone to being selfish and making decisions that harm others and blaspheme God. Just because the cup is shiny doesn’t mean it’s fit to drink from it.


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