A Day of Sheer Infamy

I thought my boss was handing me some papers for our next staff meeting.

How I wish that had been the case.

My eyes bugged out of my head as I read the ticker news of a mass shooting on the campus of Virginia Tech. Thirty-two dead, including the gunman. Sheer terror. Utter disbelief. Unfathomable anguish.

Not merely another Columbine.

A shocking event more horrific than Columbine.

It is so easy to comodify other people’s pain and use it as a soapbox to further our own philosophical agendas. I want to avoid that at all costs. There are a jumble of emotions: fear, disbelief, anger, sadness, grief, questions, courage, resolve.

No, regardless of how much you may love Jesus, nobody gets a cut card from the class called Grief and Frustration. The problem of evil isn’t merely amplified here: it’s blared at an ear-splitting pierceness.

Our thoughts, prayers, and blessings upon each of the families and surviving victims are what we have to offer. As a person who has experienced the lost of loved ones, I was comforted more by the presence of God and the available shoulders to cry upon and ears to vent my anger and frustration than anything else. May all at Virginia Tech find the same as they walked a road few will have to.


One thought on “A Day of Sheer Infamy

  1. I agree with your response to this tragedy. Blessed are those who cry, for they will be comforted. This tragedy really is a sign of the stain of sin in the human heart. I really hope they look to Christ as the master craftsman who is willing to take our pain and transform it to worship.

    Love your blog by the way!

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