Anonymous Blogging: Straight Up Punk!

I have to get this off my bosom. If there is one pet peeve I have about blogging, it’s the Anonymous Blogger Syndrome (ABS…not the stomach). Sufferers of ABS hide behind anonymity to assassinate the character of people they do not know, organizations or churches they don’t agree with and it bugs. The litmus test for cowardice online starts with the person who refuses to post without leaving at least a username, for crying out loud.

If what you believe is so on point, then why not put your darn username to it, ladies and gentlemen?

Ok, that’s all. I feel better now.

3 thoughts on “Anonymous Blogging: Straight Up Punk!

  1. Why look whose here? Did I, Tanya (that would be my name, btw) say something to offend you? Your name and your words are all that is necessary to underscore what I and Greg are none too pleased with. And say hey to all the peeps at the BBB.

    Peace out! 😆

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