Sites to Behold

I just stumbled upon some new blogs that should prove to be interesting

*W. Dwight McKissick has a blog and it’s a good thing. That study showing that half the Southern Baptists are not cessationists is stirring things up in the convention 😆

*The fundy movement within the SBC going too far? *gasps* I say yes and Mike B. offers some good points on why at Denny Burke’s blog joint

*I guess facing a life threatening illness can warp one’s theology. Nation of Islam mouthpiece Louis Farrakan is proclaiming himself not only a Muslim but a….Christian….whaaaaa? I’m trying very hard not to become another cussing pastor.

*I can’t wait to hear the message Pastor Julie Pennington-Russell will be preaching at First Baptist Church of Decatur. The fallout of having a woman pastor a megachurch in the SBC is too much for some 😆

*Another high-profile televangelist scandal brewing in Florida. This time, Randy and Paula White are the subjects of some damning allegations.


This one is easy. Todd Rhoades of MMI posted a story about a blog leveling accusations against their former pastor. Vibrant discussion and disagreement on a very serious issue on church discipline.

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