The Gospel According to Monk

My favorite show on television right now is the USA Network’s Monk.  I’ve plunked down money for three seasons of this show on DVD and don’t regret it for a minute.  What has surprised me over the last several months as I’ve watched the episodes is some of the keen theological insights offered when you least expect.  From a Season Four Xmas episode, Sgt. Stottlemeyer is convinced someone tried to kill him after a fellow cop dies of strychnine poisoning, poison injected into a bottle of wine given to Stottlemeyer as a Xmas gift.

Stottlemeyer is convinced that the culprit is an old nemesis whose brother he killed in the line of duty.  But the suspect is hiding out in a church sanctuary.  Stottlemeyer brings a gang of armed officers who look like they’re prepared to storm the church to get this guy. 

So who does he meet instead?  A nun.

She disarms him with a powerful statement that has stuck with me since I heard it:

The most complete revenge that exists is forgiveness.

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