Walk Thru the Word: Joshua

I’ve been reading and praying through books in preparation for a major ministry shift this summer/fall.  Some of the lessons that I’ve carried away from this awesome book:

  1. Everybody can’t go where you’re headed.  Joshua loved Moses.  He was like a second father to him.  Moses mentored, discipled, and trained Joshua.  And Moses died before they crossed over into the Promised Land. God gave me Joshua 1:1-9 after my mother died in 2004.  I had thought, “God, I can’t go on.  This is so sudden and unexpected.”  My mom was my second best friend (after You-Know Who) and my encourager.  But after she died, I was ready to quit seminary and forget everything God had told me He wanted to accomplish in and through me.  But after re-reading this passage, I realized that my mom wouldn’t live to see me get married, preach another sermon, or have her grandchildren.  But she, like Moses, was with the One True God.  I, like Joshua, had to go on.  Destiny awaits and there are people I will influence and impact for the kingdom of God.
  2. It takes courage to do the will of God.  God admonishes Joshua several times to be strong and courageous (Jos. 1:6,7,9, 18).  One of the scariest thing is to step out when the leaders you depended on are no longer around. 
  3. You have to fight to get to your “Promised Land.”  By this, I simply mean that there will be a host of obstacles before you along the path of doing the will of God.  There is no smooth path to walking out the vision and plan of God, especially for ministry.  You will come across financial and relational landmines that make the weak run.  But the strong run to God.

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