Dealing With “Success”

There are a number of dreams I know that God has placed in my heart regarding ministry (planting healthy, Christ-centered churches, raising up and training leaders to pastors those churches).  But one of my biggest fears regards what happens when others begin to “recognize” your effectiveness as “success.”

I ask this after reading Tim Steven’s blog post on the latest “Best…” church list of The 50 Most Influential Churches.  Stevens writes:

I fear discouragement. I fear what a list like this does for
the thousands of churches that are growing, effective, influential and
innovative–and yet they aren’t on the list. I fear what it does for the pastor
who is casting a huge vision for his congregation about how they can impact the world, and yet year after year they don’t get noticed and the influence doesn’t seem to be happening as much as in other places. Does a list like this help that pastor? Or does it just cast a huge cloud of discouragement.

There are plenty of churches out there pastored by men and women whose names we will never know.  Too often, I feel these lists are set up to glorify the “in” leaders at the moment.  If you think I have sour grapes over the list, you’d be wrong.  My church is on that list.

The focus should be on the Lord of the mission and on the people we’re called to serve.  I certainly do believe we should take time out to honor those worthy of double honor but the “50 Best/Greatest…” lists are getting on my nerves

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