Have you ever been in a situation where you knew God was calling you out of the security and comfort zone to something huge—and unknown?

This question has been stirring in my mind for a few days as I’ve pondered a move to New York City.  I know that Gotham (as I like to call NYC) is the place where the Spirit is calling me.

But I have a fairly stable position in a youth ministry in a city where the weather is nice year around.  But Bryan Jarrett, pastor of Sasche Assembly of God in North Texas, made a great comment during a sermon a few weeks ago:

“Security can become a prison.”

God has given me the key to that prison: change.

I could resist and stay put in the security of my current position where I know what to do and what to expect every single day.  I know how to deal with the youth and what Bible verse to quote during the Bible study. 

Frankly, I feel like I’m jumping off the edge of the earth but I can’t do anything but that.  I’m packing even now.  I’m shipping my things back to New York (I actually have a good friend there who stores my possessions for me) and waiting…and waiting…waiting…and waiting.

Is the strain of waiting on God worth it?


I’m a born (calculated) risk taker and I’d rather take a chance than to live my life under the specter of regret and “wish-I-could-have.”

So what else am I to do except…well…


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3 thoughts on “Jump

  1. LOL! I almost emailed you. You have great timing, lol. Thanks for the prayers. And thanks for having a blog I can visit. Did I miss it or something? I never saw the url before. Thanks, fellow risk taker.


  2. that’s too funny and you can always email me any time… just so you know. only started the blog a couple of months ago. It’s a part of my jumping…. lol

    Looking forward to hearing more as you JUMP forward.


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