Remember That “The 50 Most Influential Churches” List?

Well, it appears that there might be some issues with its credibility in light of serious allegations against its compiler Jason Christy, according to an article posted today.  Christy is accused of bilking Christian businesses and leaders out of lots of cash.  Christian Communications Network’s Gary McCullough comments:

“I actually thought I, and others, had convinced him to pack his bags and leave the Christian marketplace before his dishonesty became widely known,” McCullough said. “But I was clearly wrong, as he has once again published his fake ‘Most Influential’ list, a list used primarily to lure ministries into buying ads in his pretend print magazine.” The list of “50 Most Influential Churches” in the country was published on The Church Report’s website recently. According to Christy, the list was provided by John Vaughn of Church Growth Today, a Missouri-based consulting firm. Vaughn has said he stopped contributing to The Church Report last January.

Oops!  A fake “50 Most Influential Churches” list?  If the charges are indeed true, then churches who took their place on it too seriously will be smarting when they read this.

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