5 Questions

There are seven questions that have been rolling around my dazed and confused mind this morning as I drink Vanilla Biscotti flavored coffee (yes, it is da bom’):

  1. Am I still a Christian if I am a registered Independent?
  2. Am I still a Christian if I admit that I hate hearing the same praise and worship songs over and over and over again?
  3. If we want a “masculine Bible” (thanks Wayne Grudem), then does that mean we can refer to commentaries as “feminine Bible study helpmates”?
  4. Do pastors really need entourages? (And no, don’t use Jesus rollin’ twelve deep with the Disciples as a proof!)
  5. What in the world happened to Ben Cole’s post on The SBCOutpost yesterday where he mentioned a future post on the accountability problems with some of the Southern Baptist Convention leadership?

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3 thoughts on “5 Questions

  1. 1. Yes.
    2. I hope so.
    3. Very clever!
    4. No, but they (we) do need some close friends.
    5. I don’t know. Actually, i cannot find ANY of BC’s posts on the aforementioned accountability problems with some SBC “big guys.” What happened, I wonder?

    Vanilla Biscotti flavored coffee? Yikes. May Juan Valdez have mercy on you!

  2. Louis, totally agree with your reply to #4. I guess what I was thinking about was the 50-member entourage I see around some celebrity pastors and wanna-bes. I don’t know whether to laugh or pray one of them Wiley prayers 😆

    And the Ben post was up for a hot minute and then, *poof*!

    The Vanilla Biscotti flavored coffee is a Folger’s Gourmet. You can find it anywhere. It’s veery nice. Peace out, brotha!

  3. My wife is the Flavored Coffee connoisseur in our marriage. We should own stock in Starbucks.

    We brought back some coffee from a mission trip to Guatemala–mmmm…… Good stuff.

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