Beyond Megachurch Myths

Thanks to DJ Chuang, I’m currently reading the latest Leadership Network offering Beyond Megachurch Myths by Scott Thumma and Dave Travis.

I’m a little more than halfway through the book and I’m loving it! Some interesting things the authors found:

  1. A few TV megapastors and megaministries have apparently warped the perception of what all megachurches must be like.  I know this  finding to be true because I have relatives who criticized me for joining a particular megachurch.  In their humble opinion, the pastor was “all about numbers.”  I reiterated without flinching, however, that I was drawn by the strong expository teaching and preaching as well as their commitment to evangelism.  NEXT!
  2. Some of the perceptions tossed out there against megachurches are rooted in jealously.  So far, I haven’t read that.  The aforementioned statement is my own opinion.  God ain’t hatin’ on churches based on the size of their congregations; I believe He’s more concerned about the breadth and depth of their vision and passion to fulfill the Great Commission.  The very hands that should be used by God to build the churches are tossing stones at other ministries.  Not cool.
  3. Sheep transfer or “swapping” is a real issue for some.  Some may feel that megachurches attract members of other churches but I ask what the gehenna difference does that make?  Pastors—-regardless of the size of their church—need to remember that we ALL are sheep in the kingdom and Jesus is our Good Shepherd.  If Pooky Jones wants to attend the larger Agape over my 200 member church, so long as that is where God wants him and his family, I’m down. As I’ve read through the first ten chapters of this book, the tension over this issue is at the heart of what I believe is driving some animosity toward megachurches.

I personally believe that God uses fellowships of all contexts and sizes to advance the kingdom and am grateful that He is not sticking to one model.  That would be too boring for Him.

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