We’ll Take Manhattan…New York, and the Nations!

I cannot get Manhattan off my mind.  If you asked me what I think about more than anything else, I could tell you without blinking.


More specifically, New York.

I cannot tell you when or even why my attitude towards the place changed.  I’m a Midwest girl and despise what I consider to be East coast brovado.  My sister and I use to joke that New Yorkers reject the Virgin Birth because Jesus wasn’t born in NYC.

I eat every bad word I ever said about New York.  I’ve been itching to move back East because as much as I love L.A., baby I love the pace and the grit of the East coast.

And I believe that God is stirring things up in the Big Apple in a way that engages New York’s unique culture.

I have no idea why I’m telling any of you this other than I just needed to get it out.

I cannot imagine being anywhere else but New York. In my heart and mind, I’ve already “seen”  dozens of churches planted in New York state.  Next, the country and then the world!

Ok, I need to lay off the sweet tea.

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