The Korean Missionaries: Ministry In Realtime

If there is nothing else that the kidnapping of the Korean missionaries in Afghanistan has taught me, it’s that ministry is not just about jumping from conference to conference or sipping on lattes at some Starbucks while you surf you iMac.

Ministry is not just about sitting in the comforts of one’s abode and blogging about whatever you feel God puts on your heart.

It’s about risking everything to make disciples.  It means going places you would not normally go, talking to people you’d normally avoid, or ducking bullets in war torn lands where being a Christian could get you killed.

I need to remember that.

And so do you.

Lord, hear the prayers of Your people as we seek Your face on behalf of Your servants.  Your arm is ever mighty to save.  Be their shield and their reward in Christ’s name.  Amen.

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