5 Questions

1.) Are some of us out there voting for our church as the most innovative out of loyalty or reality?

2.) Is the main reason why so many churches have trouble keeping men not because of those cackling controlling women or whiny praise and worship music but rather the failure of godly men to disciple other men in the faith?

3.) Is texting the new high-tech go-between for us and others?

4.) Do you love the idea of ministry more than you love the people you minister to?

5.) Do you post only on highly popular blogs to fish for a ministry position?


3 thoughts on “5 Questions

  1. 1. Probably, since those who would be inclined to participate in such a survey likely are the same folks who would be drawn to a church they considered ‘innovative’; and who would not be attending their present church if they did not think it was innovative enough.

    2. Again, probably–although I think there are some other reasons as well, which space does not permit me to go into. See “Why Men Hate Going to Church” by David Murrow, and “Wild At Heart” by John Eldridge.

    3. I hope not.

    4. Interesting question. A corollary: Do we love the act of worship more than the One we are worshipping?

    5. No. Is your blog Highly Popular?

  2. Louis, you’re hilarious…RE #2: i wished i had added more to my original question because i want to avoid the appearance that i’m coming down on men…hardly…God knows there is enough of that going around in american culture as it is…i’m totally familiar with all of murrow’s premises as well as the theses of john eldridge’s book and i pretty much agree with both of them but i want to stress the importance of churches realizing that the discipleship dynamics for men are different and require church leaders (most of whom are male) to create that space in a way that meets the needs of men and boys…i care about shepherding the heart of an adventurous little boy who likes to explore and make lots of noise (i have a sneaking suspicion that one day i’ll have more sons than daughters, lol)….i remember that when i talk to young teen guys who have trouble fitting in to youth group settings…

    RE#4: OUCH!….sometimes i ask myself that very question…

    RE #5: nah…my blog flies way beneath the radar…i know three people who read my blog consistently and i’m cool with that…besides, if some of my church’s leaders saw it, they’d wonder about me šŸ˜† …i’m not sure why i even posed that question because i only post on blog topics that i really feel passionate enough to speak to

  3. Great questions!
    1) Personally? I do not vote in those type of elections… lol

    2) OH WOMAN! I totally agree with your thoughts there… Agree that there are many factors.. but, BUT….. still think you’re on the mark more so than off.

    3) Yep. As someone who texts almost daily… I would have to agree. Not necessarily crazy about it mind you… But I am about the peeps I text with.

    4) Thanks for asking this important question. While I love being in ministry… being a minister…. it in no way compares to the people I am so incredibly blessed to walk with…

    5) I don’t post on many blogs on purpose. I have a set of questions I ask myself before posting on any blog… If they don’t meet the criteria – I don’t post… plain, pure… not always so simple though…. Your blog is a blessing as are you….

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