Spam Scam Alert

I got an email and frankly, I know a scam when I read one. I’m posting the contents of the email so that nobody with half a brain gets suckered.

show details 6:31 am (45 minutes ago)

TEL: +44-7024062291
FACSIMILE: +44 207 060 0961

Dearly Beloved,

It is my pleasure contacting you now, as I have longed
to get in touch with a responsible and prominent one
like you who i shall carry out this life changing and
promising transaction of mine with.

I am Mr. Henry Gagnon, Jr, a citizen of Ari chat, Nova
Scotia Canada. The son of the manager of Royal Bank’s
branch in Barcelona, Spain (1928-1939). Mr Henry L.
Gagnon, a career Royal banker. (LATE)

I am writing in respect of a German British Citizen
customer of my bank Mr. Andreas Schranner who died
together with his wife and children in a Plane crash
on Monday 31st July 2000 GMT 14:22 UK while they were
flying to New York
on vacation.The German citizen Mr.
Andreas Schranner, 64, his wife Maria, 62, their
daughter Andrea Eich, 38, her husband Christian, 57,
and their children Katharina, eight, and Maximilian,
10, all perished in the jet.

Please see
for more information.

The late Mr. Andreas Schranner left in our bank (
ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND) the sum of twenty five million
five hundred thousand pounds (A £25.5 million pounds)
of which nobody have not and will never come for the
claiming of this money because he died with his entire

I am the only person that is aware of this money since
Mr. Andreas Schranner did not give to my bank any next
of kin to inherit his money.

Now, I want to use my position in the bank to transfer
this money to your country for investment. If you can
provide me with an account where I can transfer this
(twenty five

million five hundred thousand pounds) A
£25.5 million pounds. I will give you 40% of this
Entire fund while the remaining 60% shall be for me.

If you wish to co-operate with me, please reply as
soon as possible, and please reply via email:

And upon the receipt of your correspondence i shall
forward to you the account information of our late
customer, Mr. Andreas Schranner, for you to contact
the transferring department of the bank to have the
fund released to you as the next of kin and business

To show you are seriousness repatriating this fund
into your account.

Best of regards
Mr. Henry Gagnon, Jr

6 thoughts on “Spam Scam Alert

  1. Thanks, I’m new to blogging. This is my first week! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. That makes me feel AWESOME! I love your blog. Not sure how I found it. I’ve been reading blogs till wee hours in the morning, so I clicked on your site somewhere, and thought, “I like this gal!”

    Too bad we didn’t really WIN The UK lottery! What are those guys up to anyway??? Ahhhhh!

  2. Girl… Thanks for doing what you do… If I had a dollar.. oh, you get the point.

    btw… i don’t have your email addy… you know.. discuss things off blog…

  3. I have gotten the same e-mail.

    Frankly, I get nervous whenever I receive any correspondence from another man which begins with the words “Dearly Beloved…”

  4. @ Louis: I thought I had been sent an e-wedding intro when I read that “Dearly Beloved…” part, lol

    @ La La: no probs…i always look out for new and fresh blogs to post…welcome ot blogosphere! 🙂

    @camey, girlfriend, check your email 😆

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