The Leadership Ethos of Jesus

I recently re-read Mark 10:41-45 and gleaned some leadership principles from the One for whom I blog.  Just so no one gets their sanctified undergarments in a bunch, the principles are merely imperfect ideas I posited after reading this particular Bible text

Principle #1: Authentic, biblical leadership is not simply position-based. (10:42)

  • Being “regarded” as a leader doesn’t make you one
  • Positioned-based leaderships garners respect for the position but not necessarily for the man or woman who holds that position.
  • Leading based purely on your position works against the relational aspect of leadership.  People who follow may relate to the position without having any sense of connection with the leader.

Principle #2: Biblical leadership doesn’t coerce submission. (10:42)

  • Leaders who lead purely from a position-based mindset will inevitably lord it over those who serve under them.  These leaders will neither be relational and honestly, will be disrespected behind closed doors by those they lead.
  • Position-based leaders may also be “lorded over” themselves.  You walk out what you went through.  This might be the only model of leadership they know.
  • Jesus does NOT want to see this kind of leadership taking place among His disciples.

Principle #3: Biblical leadership is rooted in servanthood.  (10:43)

  • If you are not willing to serve, you cannot lead.
  • If you try to lead without serving, you will eventually get left by those around you.

Principle #4: Jesus is our Ultimate model of leadership. (10:45)

  • Jesus did not come to be served even though He was God in the flesh.
  • Jesus came to serve humanity even though He was God in the flesh.
  • Jesus came to give His life for many.

Questions I Ask Myself

1.) Am I leading based upon God’s call to do so or because a friend of a friend put me in a nice cushy spot?

2.) Am I really leading anyone (looks over shoulder to see if anyone is following)?

3.) Do I connect with those I lead or do I encourage hostility by being distant and standoffish?

4.) Are the young people I lead people I boss or people I serve in love?

5.) Would I take a bullet for any of the people I serve?

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2 thoughts on “The Leadership Ethos of Jesus

  1. I love this! As a teacher, I was to be a servant and not one who exhorts my power over students. It’s only the 3rd day of school, and one of my seniors came into class today and exclaimed, “I’ve never been so scared of a teacher in all of my life!” I looked at her horrified and asked, “who are you scared of?” She then told me about a math teacher who spent the period yelling at them about promptness, homework, yadda, yadda! She said, “I just can’t learn like that!” I said, “No one can!” And then proceeded to tell her what I know about how the brain learns. Then she said, “I’ve never been so bored by a teacher before!” Not really. I just added that!

    Thanks for your thoughts and for your questions. I will be mindful of both as I attempt to teach and serve this year!

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