Lord, Shake Us!

I have one question for the American church?

What is wrong with us? 

I just popped in to the SBCoutpost and caught wind of this post (Please read it for background).  Luter posted the letter of an anonymous SBC seminary professor who wanted to speak out about some of the problems he/she sees in SBC circles to certain seminary trustees.  Luter didn’t want comments but for whatever reason, comments were allowed.  I read the original article and listened to people gripe about the problem of having an anonymous person criticize leadership.

I understand the concern.

But I also understand what can happen when a certain stifling culture infiltrates a denomination, discouraging any kind of interaction with those pesky people who raise questions about why leaders do what they do and believe as they believe.  What has become of ANY denomination to where leaders have to start blogs to address issues and get the attention of the high and mighties in their circle?

Why the gehenna can’t folks sit down, get their ish square on the table, and plow through issues like the church USED to do?

What really burns me up about the debacle surrounding the comments being allowed is that some slick mouthpieces or the high-and-mighties were able to divert attention away from the very things the professor had raised concerns about.



Now for you, SBC.  I have tried to hold my peace for the last 13 years.  But no more.

One thing I know for sure: no denomination trumps the authority of the God or His Word.  If all we are about is building our little kingdoms and kissing the proverbial behinds of politicians who will give us the earthly power we crave, then beware that God just might allow you to have it.

He just might let us build our own sorry little kingdoms and He just might allow us to pimp the Word to get what we want.

But when the Holy Spirit shakes ya, you WILL know that.  You will learn real quick exactly what you’ve been holding on to.

God is searching the hearts of every SBC and former SBCer (like me) to see what is in us?  Will we speak truth to power or what?  Jesus was the perfect combination of grace AND truth.

There is NOTHING wrong with telling the grace-soaked truth to leaders who are hard of hearing. 

We strain gnats but miss the heart of the gospel.  Some leaders worship at the very feet of a man-made denominational “creed” yet dishonor word of God by hindering people at their seminaries from fulfilling their callings, telling others what gifts they couldn’t possibly have, and informing the Holy Spirit that certain gifts that HE gives are no longer necessary—all in the name of Jesus and a fake behind fidelity to Scripture. The devil IS a lie!

Some SBC leaders appear to care more about getting face time on FOX than they do about anything else.

Stop pimping your favorite presidential candidate and start mending bridges in your own darn backyard (I’m really trying not to cuss here!)

Am I mad?

Ya dang skippy I am.

Can the SBC and other denominations who are mired in the same hand ringing we are survive?

Heck yeah but only if the Holy Spirit shakes us to help us depend on Him and His Word and nothing else.

We really need to rediscover what it means to be the Church here in America and only the Lord Jesus can help us do that.

But if we kick Jesus to some skanky dark corner of the overpriced, over-important edifices we keep building and lean on our own understanding, our own self-serving “exegesis”, and on our political clout in Washington, we will be found naked and poor spiritually, wondering where the presence and power of God went.

God, shake us!

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