Whose Kingdom Is It Anyway?

Dear Christian leaders:

We have a choice to make every day we go out and minister in the name of Christ.  As ambassadors for Christ, we are the hands and feet to the world who are supposed to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, be transparent agents of grace and truth to a world that desperately needs it.

Ultimately, we must decide that it’s Christ’s kingdom and not our own that we are building.  I thought I had seen everything until this morning when a buddy of mine posted this foolishness on a message board.  We’re not the only ones who’ve picked up on it.  Other blogs are trashing the idea.

Enough already.  False prophits (that is NOT a typo!) are compromising the credibility of the Church, making the jobs of godly men and women trying to lead others even more difficult.

We as leaders are no different than anyone else in that we are human and imperfect.  But neither of these realities should be an excuse for us to fleece the flock of God and build our own kingdoms.

I’m not trying to tear down Bynum or anyone else.  I’m simply calling out foolishness tha needs to be addressed and handled.  I’m almost ready for a return to having ecumenical councils but now we have more divisions than we did back in that day.

This post would not be complete without some soul searching of my own. 

Am I leading a transparent life?  Do I seek the approval of people over Christ’s?  Am I really committed to building His kingdom or my own?

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