Man This Ticks Me Off!

I was perusing the latest post from Dan Kimball over at Vintage Faith and learned that they were merging with First Presbyterian Church.  You would think that advancing the kingdom of God would illicit prayers and encouragement from readers.

Well for some, specifically some poster named Allen and Travis (yes, I’m naming names), they are not quite satisfied.  See the post and comments here.

I won’t junk up Dan’s post with my take.  I’m praying for him and the church to do the will of God in their community and beyond.

But what disturbs me is the combative nature some Christians have against one another.  I have a hot temper and a sarcastic bite and need to follow the Holy Spirit to keep myself in check.

I’m not sure what Allen/Travis’s issues are but they really would do well to be quiet and ask God what they can do to advance the kingdom of God and impact lives for Jesus Christ.

It’s far too easy to attack someone who is doing kingdom ministry while the ones who attack do nothing but gripe.  There has to be a redemptively better way to deal with conflict so that shame is not brought to the gospel or Christ.

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