What the Flip Is Wrong With Isiah Thomas?

As some of my older relatives back home would say, “Some folks done lost they mind!”  So I check out my Google news ticker thingie and read the news that Isiah Thomas and MSG (N.Y. Knicks) were found liable in a sexual harrassment lawsuit brought by a former female employee.  The whopping $11.6 million dollar judgment is not what bothers me.

What has me royally pissed off is a comment the NBA legend made during a videotaped deposition about calling the African-American plaintiff, Anucha Browne Sanders, a b*tch.  Roland Martin’s blog notes:

She says Thomas frequently cussed her out, even referring to her as a “bitch” on numerous occasions. He said he never did, but did offer during a videotaped deposition that he was offended when if a white man called a black woman a bitch, but didn’t feel the same when a black man did it.

So let me get this straight, Isiah.  If a white man disrespects me, then you would be offended but if you–a Black man—call me a b*tch, then it’s cool?

The devil IS a lie, baby.  Brotha, wake up and shut up.  

Thomas’ illogical and disrespectful treatment of black women are exactly what we sistas have been complaining about.  Thomas appears to believe that he as a black man has some privilege to disrespect black women while pretending to “honor” the black woman by being offended if a white man uttered the same words he has not problem dropping on us.

Whatever, Izzy.

This kind of psychological contradiction is a sympton of a bigger problem in the Black community that needs to be dealt with.  You see the same kind of foolishness with gangsta rap and a lot of hip-hop music where black women are denigrated, called b*tches and hos.

And sadly, too many of us black women are only to happy to dance to disrespect with tight beats.

Thankfully, there are black men out there who know who they are, who love and appreciate the black women in their lives and would shove a basketball up Izzy’s behind for the nonsense he dropped.

Lord, help us please. 

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