In New York

I am finally in New York after suffering through a cancelled flight and being cased in by an elderly woman with a flatulence problem (I’m being nice).

Well, my heart was “strangely warmed” when I saw New York beneath me as the plane moved closer to land.

Some of my former students wanted me to update my blog and so I have. Right now, I got an interview and a Steven Curtis Chapman concert to get to this Saturday.

I sensed God tell ing that if I moved, He would move.

Well God, I moved.

Now what?

P.S. A nice shout out to all my former students who peep my blog to see what God is doing with me here. NO TEXTING DURING CLASS OR I WILL TELL ON YOU!!!!

Now off to bed. 😆


2 thoughts on “In New York

  1. Camey, girl thanks so much for your iFriendship (lol) and prayers. Just got the details of my job worked out and I’m excited. I’m getting curiouser and curiouser about the ministry angle, however. God only knows what I’ll be posting next week. 😆

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