Faith: Managing the Crazy

I’ve come to the conclusion that faith is all about managing the “crazy” that goes with jumping off of a mountain and trusting God will catch you based on what He has spoken to you.

That’s essentially what I did. I knew that I was going to NY but didn’t know where specifically or what I’d be doing. I needed a job, a place to live that was affordable, and some sense that I was not on crack for quitting a job where I loved the people I worked with and served.

God came through and I had to manage the “crazy,” the helter skelter of doubt that rears its head in the shadows at the most inconvenient times of the day.

“Are you sure you heard from God?” I heard from some.

“Why would God send you to New York?”

To first question, I’m most definitely sure. I sealed up a job less than 48 hours after getting off the plane and got that job on LI where the unemployment rate is next to zero. As for housing, my best friend and her family opened up their home to me and that’s a good thing since my new job as an internet book order filler person is 5 minutes from their home.


As for the second question, I’m not ready to share anything on this blog because I need to know that God is speaking to me about this particular thing I’m not going to divulge. (For my male readers, if you didn’t understand that last sentence, welcome to the wonderful world of a woman’s multi-tasking brain). What I am certain of is that I must be about the kingdom of God, period.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “Faith: Managing the Crazy

  1. Woman…. now you’re talking! If faith made complete sense it wouldn’t take faith…. and just think how many people benefit each day from “internet book order filler persons”… God is beyond cool!

    Love ya,

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