That Sinking Feeling…Again

Now that I’ve been in New York for nearly three weeks, I’ve been waiting for God to tell me what the big rush was in getting me here.

Be careful what you ask for.

I was sitting at the dinner table in the kitchen reading Acts 2: 42-47 (yes, I’m being that specific) when I heard a still small voice say to me: “If you lay down your dreams, then you can take hold of mine.”


So after some struggling, I finally said, “Okay.”

I’ve been struggling with what a church should look like and have this sinking feeling (again) that God is going to lower the collective boom on me (a good but challenging boom, though). My experiences with God have always had that “baptism by fire” vibe so I imagine that whatever is coming will hit me square in the forehead.

Sometimes, I feel like God has this redemptive ambiguity thing going where He allows us to wrestle with the silence long enough as we seek Him.

Oh well…

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