Leadership Insight from a Book Stack?


So as I was working yesterday and looking at the stacks of books from which I pull orders for customers, I angrily meditated on the ill-advised stacking of heavy books on top of those tiny, annoying little gifty books replete with bad poetry.

Never does a day go by where a stack of books does not fall on top of someone’s heads simply because some genius thought it wise to balance heavy books on top of tiny ones.

Which leads me to the leadership insight I got:

Make sure your foundation is strong enough to support others.

I have seen many ministries and companies wrecked because gifted men and women tried to balance big egos, budgets, and expectations on tiny character.

Like the ill-balanced book stacks I referred to earlier, a hard crash is likely to rain upon the heads of unsuspecting people who are the last ones to know that their lives are out of balance.

What “tiny” things in our lives have our witness, our ministries, and our marriages teetering on the brink of a crash?

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