The Meaning of Christmas for the “Cultural” Christian

Last night as I was painting my play niece’s bedroom pink, I happened to hear a sappy Christmas song that portrayed Snoopy as the hero of some story set during Christmas.


This got to me to thinking about all the sappy X-mas songs out there that champion peace on earth and good will toward people but leave Christ OUT of the picture.

We want peace without the One who died to provide the way of peace for us. We want warm and fuzzy “hot chocolate” moments that delude us into believing that peace without following Christ is possible.


True peace is receiving the gift of peace with God through Christ and living that out in the flesh, allowing the Risen One to live through you and touch others.

That’s the bottom line.

4 thoughts on “The Meaning of Christmas for the “Cultural” Christian

  1. Okay… So I gotta ask.. Your play niece’s bedroom?

    Is that like an imaginery friend? Or you’re hoping to have a niece one day??? Or you have a niece and this is a room where she’ll be able to play as well as sleep???

    It’s like what I was talking about with the boys the other day… Even if people appear to take Christ out of Christmas and, therefore, make it more x-mas.. they really don’t have the power to do so.

    Christ was born. No x-mas song nor Christmas song could or can ever change that.

    You are loved woman!

  2. ROFL @ “imaginery friend” comment! Her mom is my best friend, like my sista from anotha mista (meaning that we are as close as sisters although we are not biologically). And the bedroom is pink and the little one is pleased. It’s actually quite beautiful. I should have charged her.

    As for your comments on the X-mas madness, I couldn’t agree more. God wore diapers.


  3. Good to know you were ROTL cuz I sure waz as I waz writting it… Funny you said “from another mista”… Most of the time I hear “from another mutha”… Glad to hear the little one is pleased. She’s a blessed little one too.

    Kinda boggles the mind doesn’t it…. Know it does for me..

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