Craig Groeschel’s “Going All the Way”


Starting this week, I’ll be doing chapter by chapter post reflections on Craig’s latest book Going All the Way. I just got my copy in the mail today and have already starting reading and making little notes.

Honestly, I’m at a place where God has actually started dropping the “M-word” to me so this reflectiew (reflection-review) will help me in more ways than one.

Chapter One: Designed to Go All the Way

Big Idea: With God, a lasting, Christ-centered marriage of intimacy is possible, even in our crazy, twisted culture.

Reflectiew: Thankfully, Craig doesn’t go out of his way to be esoteric and speaks to real people in real life situations. One thing I found fascinating is that males “daydream” about romantic stuff! I thought that was kinda sweet, lol.

Anyway, I appreciate Craig’s commitment to building the case for a Christ-centered marriage. As a single, never-married thirty-something, it’s nice to see a book explicitly state is makes NO GUARANTEESthat everyone will get married. Rather than claim everything is rosy and sweet Disney-style, Groeschel reminds us that some folks can do screwy things and wind up in the perfect marriage while those some others who honestly try to honor God at every level wind up in hurtful marriages.

I walked away from this chapter reminding myself that there is a Designer who knows what He’s doing and His plan—when we stick to it—seems to work out better than our nonsensical “tweekings” of His standards.


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