“Going All the Way”: Part II

I’ve read the first four chapters of Craig’s book and so far, I haven’t fallen asleep. The big idea that gripped my attention the most was the gear metaphor for dealing with the different stages of a relationship. Very visual, lol but practical. I appreciate also Craig’s transparency about his own struggles with sexual temptation when he and his wife were dating/courting. Too many times, I feel as if the church tries to ignore the temptations godly men and women face as they are wait for “that day.” By the time I finished reading last night, I resolved that I would not have a long engagement. Heck, I’m 35 for crying out loud!

The chapter on building a friendship foundation was particularly useful. Again, nothing earth shattering but Craig’s points are so plain and clear, it amazes me that we screw them up so easily. I believe sometimes people hungry for union with their “Two” (that would be the spouse and Christ of course is The One) are so excited at first that they may spill their guts too soon.

Friendship foundation gives potential mates something to hold on to (other than Christ, of course) after the boobs sag, the six-pack becomes a 12 pack and “Mr. Happy” isn’t well, as happy as often.

My close sista-girls in Christ who are roughly 10-15 years older than me and who have gone through excruciating divorces have already schooled me on the importance of building on the friendship foundation. Craig even made a point about putting more energy into your marriage than the wedding (for real, it’s 30 minutes y’all)!

Kudos to Craig for keepin’ it simple and real.

Next Post: Sexual Mythology


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