More on Groeschel’s “Going All the Way”

I’m about halfway through the book and I feel like I’m talking to one of my good Christian “guy-friends” when I read Groeschel. He dispenses some wise advise for us, particular in the area of sexual integrity.

He gives four specific pieces of advice worth sharing here:

1.) Keep four feet on the ground: No leg twisting or rubbing, please.

2.) Keep your clothes button and/or zipped: Um, do I need to elaborate more?

3.) Keep your bed your bed: Again, fast fingers plus raging hormones equal a counselling session with the pastor.

4.) (And my personal favorite) Keep your tongue in your mouth!: I got into a heated debate about whether it’s wise for Christians who are dating to kiss. My sisters’ insisted that it was fine so long as you set boundaries. But I took the alternative path because I know me (to some extent anyways). I have zippo confidence in my flesh when it comes to kissing so I have avoided romantic kisses from the opposite sex (ok, my dad and brother, and kindly old men at my church do NOT count). Groeschel’s “better safe than sorry” approach is wise in my opinion and I share his take. However, I also appreciate that Craig G isn’t dogmatic about it to the extent that he sounds like he’s creating a new line of books on his “not wise to kiss before marriage.”

I’m curious to hear from folks, married and single.

What boundaries they set during the dating/courting phase? Does your experience

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