Out With the Old, In With the New

Well, I was going to conclude my thoughts on Craig’s really good book on marriage but since it’s New Year’s Eve and all, I thought I’d jot down a short list of the things I’ve learned and experienced that have shaped me for a new year.

* Almost to the day, I got a sense that God would move me. Well, He did—to NY. Not exactly what I expected but I know I’m in the right place.

* I learned that I will never be comfortable with being comfortable. God help the people who ever work with me in ministry.

* I can learn a great deal from other peoples’ mistakes without judging them.

* God really despises lukewarmedness. I know this is not a new “revelation” (get the pun?!, LOL!) but with all the scandals we’ve had in the Church this year, I’m reminded about how much God loves me and wants me to be totally devoted to Him.

For the New Year:

1.) The thought to start an outreach in the worst part of the city came to me today. I have no idea what I will do with it. But there has to be more to “church” than going to a Sunday service, compliment the pastor on his or her sermon, approve of the song selection, and then go home. I can’t do that—-EVER! I’d rather be locked up in prison. Oh wait! That is prison.

2.) I’m getting out of debt. Student loans will finally pay me a nasty visit but my goal is to clear them within 3-5 years flat.

3.) I have to spend more time with Jesus. I miss the days where I’d just spend quality time with Him journaling and waiting before Him rather than just complaining about everything.

4.) I’m going to Catalyst 2008 if my money aint’ funny. I’m psyched for it.

5.) I’m gearing up for a 6-8 month study of the Johannine epistles. I’m excited that I finally finished Mark. Mark 5 alone is worthy of a book itself. I will have to upload some observations on the gospel when I get a free moment.

I look forward to a year of new beginnings and new chapters of my life that only God could write.


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