Final Thoughts on “Going All the Way”

My time has been reduced to nothing with my job, post-holiday fatigue, and other stuff so my final comments about Groeschel’s book have been delayed—until now.

I found myself barreling through the book toward the end. Unlike some books Going All the Way actually gained momemtum after the chapters on husbands and wives. I’m not a person who likes to mince words so I’ll break my observations down in asterick form:

* The chapters on husbands and wives was pretty much what I expected. Husbands lead, wives follow. Why the chapters included “Thinking Differently About…” in the title is beyond me. I’ve heard the same thing all my life. I’m not necessarily a complementarian or an egalitarian and won’t quibble about the issue. I appreciate Groeschel’s sensitivity to the great injustices and chauvinistic nonsense that has often been perpetrated with the preaching of certain marriage-related texts.

* For my money, the entire book is worth the price for one chapter “Habits of the Heart.” I am honestly considering incorporating these habits into pre-marital counseling and will certain use them in teaching on dating and marriage. Here are the habits:

Taken from Chapter 14, pp. 187-202

1.) Deal with your past.
2.) I will grow with good people.
3.) I will learn to be a listener.
4.) I will guard my heart.
5.) I will practice facing and resolving conflict (um, those of us who plan to get married, please but a BIG asterisk behind this one.
6.) I will be financially responsible.
7.) I will invest in my relationship with God.

These are practical but powerful habits that anyone believer serious about preparing himself/herself for marriage would seek to practice.

Overall, I give the book an 8.5. Craig’s transparency about his own failures was a big plus for me because there are plenty of people who may struggle with sexual sin of any kind who need to see that God can change anyone. Thanks for being a portrait of grace and thanks for allowing me to blog about your book.

For those of you not familiar with Craig’s ministry, click here.


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