I Love the 80’s!

I was thinking about the wonders of growing up in the ’80s. My mind churned over all the experiences that defined me as a kid. The most memorable moments of my childhood (purely from a pop cultural perspective, mind you):

1.) May 16, 1983. Motown 25. Enough said.

Other Memorable Moments:

2.) The “Who Shot J.R.” mystery on “Dallas.”
3.) The launching of MTV. Once upon a time, MTV used to play good music videos. Now they stink and are rotting in reality TV hell. They can stay there.
4.) Thriller. Do I need to say more? I still swear that this video is the best one ever made for a song.
5.) Flashdance leg warmers. Was I the only girl begging her mother for those ugly things simply so I could do that “water all over me on the dance floor” scene from Flashdance?
6.) Voltron, the cartoon. If you’re a child of the 80’s, you remember this cartoon. I just loved the way all the different parts snapped together to defeat their enemies.
7.) Watching “Taxi” or “Hill Street Blues” just so I could here the theme music.
8.) The emergence of politically and socially conscious hip-hop. Grandmaster Flash dropped a bomb during the Reagan era called “The Message,” which detailed the plight of inner city livin’ and groups like Public Enemy sounded the alarm. Sadly, corporate clowns gave us NWA and gangsta rap. End of real hip-hop.

9.) The emergence of any band with big hair and loud guitars. Bon Jovi’s still kickin at least.

My little playlist for the era:

“Billie Jean”—-Michael Jackson
“Faithfull” —-Journey
“Time After Time”—-Cyndi Lauper
“Careless Whisper”—-Wham (yes, before George went solo)
“Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?”—-Culture Club
“Truly”—-Lionel Ritchie
“Fantastic Voyage”—-Lakeside
“Heard It Through the Grapevine” Roger and Zapp (funky!)
“The Message”—-Grandmaster Flash
“Rapper’s Delight”—-The Sugarhill Gang

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