Politics and the Kingdom of God

As the race for president heats up, I have a few thoughts to share:

 I like Mike Huckabee. A lot. I believe he’s a genuine, down-to-earth guy who is a good leader. But changing the Constitution to “line up” with Scripture is a bit much. Like Huckabee, I want America to truly have a heart after God but you cannot legislate conversions and nationalize the Christian faith. Constantine tried that already. Ick.

 Is America ready for a Black president? Probably not and I won’t believe it until an African-American (whether it’s Obama or someone in the future) is elected.

 Memo to the media pundits on the major news channels and networks: YOU ARE NOT THE STORY!

 How are we Black evangelicals going to vote? How will the Democrats having both a woman and an African-American running for president affect our vote? I have an old school mate who has been working for Obama for the last 2 ½ years. I want to see if he can take the fire and heat that comes with running. In my opinion, Obama is the first serious African-American contender who has a decent shot. Sorry but I never took Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton seriously.

 Frankly, I cannot wait until the Cheney administration is gone. I lost respect for the administration in March 2004 and have not trusted them. I never believed the intelligence they used to justified going in to Iraq and Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are as much born liars as Bill Clinton ever was. I hope that whichever party takes the White House, will learn from the mistakes of past presidents—GOP and Democrat—and lead with integrity and transparency. And please do back up your White House emails too while you’re at it!


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