Is “Evangelicalism” Worth Fighting For?

A reaction to liberal theology, culture cracks, and some slippery theology from the emergent/emerging streams have rightfully produced a call to biblical fidelity and Christocentric devotion.

But as much as I resonate with that charge, I do not necessarily care about protecting what we American Christians call “evangelicalism.”  If we spend less time on camp meeting tags and more time on hitting the streets, cafes, and whatever other “water holes” are there, sharing our lives and the message of the gospel, then we are living the kingdom and those who do not know Christ will experience the grace of God in real time.

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One thought on “Is “Evangelicalism” Worth Fighting For?

  1. Good question. I also don’t really care about protecting that label. It’s gotten Christians a bad rap anyway. The focus must be on Jesus and not on tags. If we spent more time focussing on Jesus, then people would be drawn in because that’s what focussing on Him does — He woos us to Him. We spend too much time on ways to do things and strategy and not enough time on the person of Christ.

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