Thoughts for the Week

There are a few things burning on my mind:

  1. How soon will it take me to wrap up a major writing project I’m in the middle of?
  2. How much longer will Roger Clemens go on telling me that allowed a man to stick his wife in the behind with HGH but not him?
  3. Kudos to Mike Huckabee for staying in a presidential nomination race he can’t win.  The reason he might go the distance is simple: he’s getting ready for the VP slot to help the GOP carry the South.
  4. The divide between old school Civil Rights generation (folks my dad’s age and older) and my generation (hip-hop/Gen X) are deeper than most people think and will definitely play a role in the upcoming election no matter who the Democratic nom goes to.

Now, I have to get back to that writing project that is sucking up so much of my time and prayers. 🙂

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